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Reflections on a Pandemic.

On the internet, in the papers, on TV, there’s one subject dominating the discussion these days. Experts and pontificators alike are trying to make sense of Covid-19 - where it came from, where it’s going, who is to blame.

One opinion that does seem to be commonly accepted is that things will never be the same again.

Except of course, among those who say that we’ll be back to business as usual any day now.

The reality is that most of what’s being said is little more than conjecture.

So why is Tech For Impact wading into these murky waters? Well, for one thing it’s part of the human condition to try to make sense of those things that we can’t explain.

For another, it’s part of our mission at Tech For Impact to try to share knowledge, especially from those people that we believe have some genuine insight and information to impart.

In developing countries in particular, this episode in history is opening the door to some potential for real change, real progress, and real impact, so in this series of Unmasked Interviews we’ll be talking to experts in specific fields where the impact of Covid19 has already been significant, and try to glean some insights about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We hope you’ll find them informative.